25 thoughts on “BBC live science

    • Thank you mrs Guest I have been trying really hard in Y6 espicallly handwriting and maths also trying hard to get the perfect biography all about queen Elizabeth II

  1. Y6 has been the best year i have ever had in my life we have had 3 new girls in a row 2 Aishas and Vally all of them are really nice i wish we had longer than one year with them i wish there was about 3 years left we all could have so much fun together.

  2. I loved wrching the science show it was really interesting Chris and sand of operation ouch where on the science show it was really funny

  3. Ahhhhhh!! Loved it Still can’t believe I’m in y6. And WOW doctor Chris and xzand off operation ouch being on the show was the best part!!!!

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