8 thoughts on “Inter-Faith Trail

  1. My favorite place was the Mandir because I have never been to one before and I got to see all the statues of their god in different forms. I learned that they change the statues clothes every day.

  2. I really enjoyed our interfaith trail trip!It was so much fun.My most interesting place was the mandir,but my favourite place was the mosque.I also really enjoyed the church,the quiz was so much fun.I liked the mosque the best because the person who was leading the tour said lots of interesting facts such as all mosques face a certain place in the world and that the girls pray in a different section of the building than the boys and that all Muslims have a wash before presenting themselves in front of Allah.This wash is called the whudu. Also I would like to say thanks to all the teachers who took us on this trip and the teachers who planned the trip. Overall I really liked to learning about some of the different places of worship!

  3. I enjoyed it very very much and I enjoyed performing a daily prayer that Muslims do 5 times a day (Zayd)
    I enjoyed the mosque because it smelled very nice .I learned that the Muslims do 5 prayers a day.(Andrew)

  4. Lily:our interfaith trail was amazing i had lots of fun my favourite was the Mandir but they were all quite nice we learned a lot thanks !
    Alysha: I go to the mosque and mandir and I also go to church on christenings.i liked all of the but my fav was the mandir

  5. I liked doing this because it was like a lesson but it was fun at the same time we got to spend time with our friends and learnt about different places my favourite place was the first place the Mandir it was just so bright and coulourfull I loved it it was amazing we got to see different things they wear and we got to see every single god we prayed to

  6. I learnt a lot of things what people halft to do after school.
    Muslim halft to whash as soon as they get in then they start praying.
    The temple had realy cool paintings all around.

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