Our Paralympic Visitor

We were very lucky to be visited by the Paralympic athlete Michael Churm in school today. He represents team GB and has completed at different Paralympic Games. He is an athlete who runs the 100m, 200m and relay races.

He did a training session with each year group which left us all very out of breath!


What interesting questions did you think of to ask him? What did you learn about Michael Churm today?

10 thoughts on “Our Paralympic Visitor

  1. The question I asked him was ‘ If you didn’t have your disability,would yo still be an athlete or would yo be something else?

  2. What was your favourite race? Were?

    Did you do anything before running?

    Do you have any other jobs?

    Are you a full time athlete or not?

  3. Questions:
    Who was your inspiration?
    Were you born with your disability?
    What does it feel like to have a disability?
    Does your disability affect your live?
    Do you know any other athletes that have the same disability?
    Did you have a dream job before you became an athlete?
    I loved meeting Michael Churm and going exercises with him.
    It was had doing the exercises but I kept going.

  4. I found out that that Michael Churm was something like 0.01 of being in the final then the person in GB, who was actually in the final, had to go and so Michael Churm had to take over.

    I wanted to ask him; who was your inspirations?

  5. It was really interesting to learn about him and he is really Good . I didn’t know until yesterday that he had won a gold medal!

  6. I liked when Michael Churm came to are school yesterday because he chose me to demonstrate how to do the plank in 20 seconds and we learnt a lot about his life being a Paralympion!

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