Using our Inference Skills

Some of us have been practising our inference skills this week in guided reading.

Have a look at this image:

Question time!

What has awoken the giant?

Do you think he poses a danger to people?

What was he doing under the ground?

How long do you think he had been there for?

How will people react to his presence?

What would you do if you saw a giant?

2 thoughts on “Using our Inference Skills

  1. I think the noise of the castle woke up the giant.
    He does pose a danger because he looks angry at being woken up.
    He was sleeping under the ground.
    I think he has been there a hundred years give or take.
    People will be scared of him because he looks annoyed.
    if I saw a giant I would run and hide.

  2. I think people around the castle don’t know he lives there so the people were making laundry noises and having a good time so he got up and might of scared then all of so then he can have a silent skipp around the castle.Thats what I think about this inference picture.

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