26 thoughts on “What have you been learning about in Year 4?

  1. We have done Romans, states of matter, wider ops, English, maths guided reading I’ve really enjoyed them all!my favorite lesson so far was wider ops. Miss venner is very fun and all the time like whoop whoop. I am really enjoying yea r4 so far and I can’t wait for the year ahead of us. Thank you Miss Venner to being an amazing teacher.

  2. We are learning about the romans it is very fun I have learnt that for art they had tiny litttle coloured stones in the floor and it takes a very long time to make the floors and because it takes a lit of time and effort it costs a lot of money .

  3. In year 4 we have learnt maths,English,guided reading,cerative curriculum,French,
    wider ops,SMSE/RE. I’v enjoyed all of them but I enjoyed wider ops the most because we get to learn a musical instrument and we get to choose!!

  4. My favourite thing in year 4 has been maths because we have been doing different things every week and I love it. I also like English. In English we have been doing imaginative stories and I have liked learning about them.

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