Enterprise Week

What a great week Year 3 have had! They came up with an incredible idea – to make and sell yummy pancakes! They did some market research to find out which toppings people would prefer to buy and also compared prices of items to make the pancakes.  They had a budget of £10 and I can reveal that they made a fantastic profit of over £23!

The company name was Pro Pancakes and was excellently led by everyone!

A huge well done to each and everyone of you; market researchers, designers, logo makers, profit and loss calculators, advertisers, campaigners, chefs, waiters/waitresses and servers.  You absolutely smashed enterprise week!

Did you enjoy it? What skills do you think you have gained from this week?

Observing shadows!

In science this week, we have investigated what makes a shadow.  We have decided that a shadow is created when a light source is blocked by an opaque object.  Can you remember what opaque means?

Log into purple mash and find the shadow game we shared in class. Can you complete it in record speed? Let me know how you get on and what you know about shadows!

I saw a wabub!

We have been learning about subordinate conjunctions in class this week.

I saw a wabub is an acronym that helps us to remember the most common conjunctions to use:

  • If
  • since
  • as
  • when
  • although
  • while
  • after
  • before
  • until
  • because

Can you write super sentences using the subordinate conjunctions? Don’t forget the ,