6 thoughts on “Inference Skills

  1. I think it is in the Artick or Antatica or the North Pole. Santa’s friends or Santa could live there. But how would they get to the house on the sea? I think by boat.

  2. The temperature is very cold. Not many people live there. I think there has been an earthquake and the house has broken into two and fallen into the sea.

  3. I think the temperature is cold because it looks very icy.
    I think Penguins live here because they live in very icy places.
    I think the place used to be a Island that’s how the house is there.
    I think the ice is like that because the wind there is very strong.

  4. I think it is freezing cold.
    I think Santa lives here because Santa lives in the North Pole and no other people live there.
    Me and my mummy were not sure but we think maybe the ice in the picture is melting. We think the house used to be in the middle of the North pole, then the ice melted then melted then melted and then the house ended up at the edge and now half the house has broken off!

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