Animal Habitats Game


I have found a wonderful game on a website that teaches you all about the different habitats in our world and the animals that can be found living in them. It also helps you to find out why animals can and cannot live in certain habitats. If you have a chance, click on the link below, play the game and let me know what you find out!

12 thoughts on “Animal Habitats Game

  1. Herrings live in salt sea water and cannot live in fresh water. Pigs would be happy living near a pond!! I didn’t realise that hamsters would like to live in the desert as they like to make tunnels in the sand. Frogs go to sleep when the temperature gets too cold.

    • WOW! How quickly did you try out the game! It’s very interesting isn’t it? Finding out about other habitats is real fun! I am glad you have remembered some facts and have shared them already with us back in the classroom! Thanks!

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