Museum of Science and Industry

On Wednesday, Year Two had a fabulous time on our class trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. During our busy day we watched a science show called ‘The Revolution of Manchester’ we learned that the very first all British areoplane was developed in Manchester.

After watching the show, we went across to the Air and Space Hall. We loved this part of the trip! We learned how cars and aeroplanes have developed through history. We saw a car that was for sale in 1912 for £360! A real bargin! We also saw planes that had been used by the RAF, can you remember the name of the plane we saw?

We then went back over to the main museum where we looked at the development of cotton mills across Manchester. At first we thought we might have wanted a job in a cotton mill but after listening to the demonstration and seeing the machines moving, we decided that school is definately more fun! The final part of our exciting day was visiting the experiment floor. We loved taking part in all the hands on investgiations. Which was your favourite investigation?

Developing our skills in PE

Today in PE, we have been developing our skills in throwing, batting and catching a ball. These skills are getting us ready to play rounders. In order to successfully bat the ball, we needed to hold the bat with one hand and stand side on with our partner. When throwing the ball, we need to make sure we throw carefully, keeping eye contact with where we want to throw the ball. How did you use your heads, hearts and hands in PE today?

Here we are using our skills to throw and bat the ball.

Skipton Castle

Year Two had a fabulous trip to Skipton Castle. As part of our trip we had a guided tour of the castle, looking in rooms such as the kitchen, the banqueting hall, the Lord’s chamber and the watch tower. Our favourite rooms were the long drop which we also found out was called the guard robe and the dungeon! We listened to the tour guide extremely well and we asked some fantastic questions to deepen our learning. We would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who came with us on our super trip.

World Book Day

Year Two have had a fabulous World Book Day. We want to say a big thank you to our parents and grandparents for coming and reading with us this morning.

This afternoon, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of story activities. We wrote book reviews, character descriptions, designed new book covers, went on a book scavenger hunt and played character heads up. What is your favourite story book?


This half term Year Two have started a new creative curriculum topic. Our topic this half term is castles. This week we began to research medieval castles and their features. In our creative curriculum lesson, some of us chose the making challenge. We used junk modelling materials to make our own castles. Once our castles were complete, we labelled the different features. Can you name the features of a medieval castle?

Forest School Fun

This morning Year Two had lots of fun at Forest School! It was very wet but we still took part in lots of activities. In the reflection at the end of the session some of us even said that the best part of the session today was getting wet!

Time to build a fairy den!

Great teamwork everyone! Sophie, Lagan, Riley and Imogen worked together to carry a log for their den.

After a busy morning, it was time for a snack and a cup of hot juice to warm us up.

Here you can see the den the children are making coming along nicely!

Time for some music. Genevieve, Amelia and Jodie loved making music in the forest today!