Teddy Bear Tennis

Year Two loved taking part in a teddy bear tennis taster session this morning. A very big thank you to the coaches from Lostock Tennis Club, who came in to deliver the sessions. We learned how to use the racket to hit the ball using a Molly Volley and a forehand swing. We all aimed high and had lots of fun learning Tennis.


World Book Day

Year Two have had a fabulous World Book Day. We want to say a big thank you to our parents and grandparents for coming and reading with us this morning.

This afternoon, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of story activities. We wrote book reviews, character descriptions, designed new book covers, went on a book scavenger hunt and played character heads up. What is your favourite story book?


This half term Year Two have started a new creative curriculum topic. Our topic this half term is castles. This week we began to research medieval castles and their features. In our creative curriculum lesson, some of us chose the making challenge. We used junk modelling materials to make our own castles. Once our castles were complete, we labelled the different features. Can you name the features of a medieval castle?

2D and 3D shape

This week in Maths, Year 2 are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Can you name the shapes below and describe their properties, including the number of sides, vertices, edges, faces and lines of symmetry.

Can you find any of these shapes in everyday objects around your home?

Forest School Fun

This morning Year Two had lots of fun at Forest School! It was very wet but we still took part in lots of activities. In the reflection at the end of the session some of us even said that the best part of the session today was getting wet!

Time to build a fairy den!
Great teamwork everyone! Sophie, Lagan, Riley and Imogen worked together to carry a log for their den.
After a busy morning, it was time for a snack and a cup of hot juice to warm us up.
Here you can see the den the children are making coming along nicely!
Time for some music. Genevieve, Amelia and Jodie loved making music in the forest today!

Interfaith Trail

This week Year Two have been on the Interfaith Trail. We visited a Mosque, a Mandir and a Church. We loved learning all about the different places of worship and listening to the leaders. We found out lots of interesting facts.

 In the Mosque we visited the washroom, we had to was many parts of our bodies including our nose, inside our mouth and our arms up to our wrist.


 In the Mandir we thought the main shrine at the front was beautiful and colourful. We learned all about the Murti Statues inside and the offerings people bring for them.

 The paintings on the roof of the Mandir were beautiful. They had been painted by 5 artists from India and had gold leaf on many of the pictures. We loved looking up at the colourful paintings.

 Finally we visited the Church. We loved looking at the stained glass windows and finding the different crosses around the Church.

We had a fabulous day learning about different cultures and religions. What was your favourite part of the day?

European Day of Languages

Today, Year Two have a had a fabulous day on our European Day of Languages. We have been learning all about Germany!

We have been baking gingerbread men, weighing the ingredients and reading the scales in grams. We have been learning to speak German on the laptops. We have been tasting German food, making fact files all about Germany and writing character descriptions about characters from the Brothers Grimm fairytales We have also been looking in the atlases at maps of Europe and finding countries, adding them to our own maps.

We have had lots of fun and have learned lots about Germany, who can tell me a fact about Germany?