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  1. 032boothe says:

    Emma needs windows 7 on her laptop in the snug please. thank you

  2. 032pandors says:

    Hi Farid
    App management please could we have: word, spell fix 3-6, puffin academy (all free apps)

    There is still one iPad with no apps loaded.

    Could you start to have a look at the laptops and distribute working laptops into classrooms. 2 per class if possible. The rest if they can be salvaged, could you let me know the costing to upgrade RAM. If they are past their shelf life then please just get rid of them as it is frustrating taking laptops out that do not work.

  3. 032rowleyh says:

    Please can you check the second computer in the YEAR ONE classroom to see if you can get it working? If not, then please can you get rid of it?

    Thanks Helen

  4. 032pandors says:

    Update flash and Java on laptops and the two PCs in the library

  5. 032pandors says:

    Hi Farid
    I’ve distrusted the silver laptops into years 3-6. The black laptops are they antique and ready for the heap?

    Could you please sort out the school calendar so that we can access it on staff iPads within the apple calendar without logging in via staff zone.

    We would like word and smart notebook on staff iPads only- along with ivisualiser- we now have a purchasing card!!!

    • alif says:

      Are you sure about the smart notebook app – it doesn’t get very good reviews..
      Would you like Word to view only, or to be able to edit also?

      The staff calendar needs setting up on each iPad, I’ll try and sort this with each class.

      AFAIK, the black laptops (KS1) are fine, it’s the silver ones that need removing.

  6. 032rowleyh says:

    Please can you check the spare computer in Year One classroom Alif? If you cannot get it working, please can you get rid of it?
    Thanks Helen

    • 032rowleyh says:

      Hi Alif, Where are we up to with the spare Year 1 computer? Have you figured out if it’s working yet? I am alos wondering about the monitor? Can you please check that too?

      Thanks Helen

  7. 032rowleyh says:

    PLease can you change the settings on the class computer in Year 1 so that it does not keep powering down and locking the screen? Very frustrating when I want to quickly show the children something and have to log in several times a day!

  8. 032pandors says:

    Good afternoon,
    1. Please could you rewire the speakers in my class so that the sound comes from the wall speakers and not the internal PC speakers.
    2. Could you help me to purchase a song (99p) from itunes using the school purchase card. Its called Beowulf ‘what we need is a hero’
    3. Can you arrange it so that when staff log on the homepage is set to Lostock Primary.


  9. alif says:

    1. Speakers – Done
    2. Not done
    3. Set Google Chrome defaults/restrictions within Group Policy.

  10. alif says:

    Junior Librarian now installed and configured to save datafiles to server rather than local hard disk.

  11. 032pandors says:

    Hi Farid
    Lots of to do…..
    Laptops need configuring. They will be stored in the laptop cupboard eventually.
    I’ve asked staff for their iPad for the 19th so that these could be replaced with the higher memory.
    I’m sure you’ve got some new iPads with numbers not in chronological order- some number missing though no missing iPads.
    Could you put a tracking on all iPads- find my iPhone/iPad or find my friend. One iPad nearly went missing!!!
    I need the laptop in the hall connected to the tv to have air serve installed. Yes I know we have apple box. Please check this is the best/ fastest laptop from the old laptops.
    Install/connect Nintendo wii with the tv.
    Any old laptops not working please place in my room so I can dispose of after hard drive has been swiped.

    Should keep you going till Easter!

  12. 032fisherb says:

    Hi Farid,

    Can you download Fitness tests – for PE teachers and coaches onto ipad no 28? It was the same app you downloaded for me before but it was on my old ipad.



  13. 032pandors says:

    Hi Farid
    Please reinstall spellings CD onto my class PC. It has loaded but not properly so it may need uninstall first.

    Don’t forget, I’d like the iPads screens to change to Year 5, Year 6 etc.

    Vickis iPad (number 5) should have had a new app installed but it’s not coming up. It’s to sign and leave comments by guest visiting school.


    • alif says:

      Done. I had assigned it to ipad 5 but vicky is no longer using ipad 5.
      corrected now.

      will rename the ipads on the next visit. Please make sure they’re all available please!

  14. 032caffertyt says:

    Please can you check all laptops have java as could not sign into 3rd space maths.

    Also Jills Ipad needs mail removing as giving to children

  15. 032allenj says:

    The dell laptop in the snug near printer you cant access allstaff foolders

  16. 032allenj says:

    The dell laptop in the snug near printer you cant access allstaff folders

  17. sara says:

    Hi Farid,
    Ipad 40 does not have explain everything
    ipad 48 does not have explain everything and book creator.
    Do all ipads have popplet

    I need intel play microscope software loaded onto my PC please


  18. sara says:

    Hi Farid,
    just reminding you to put ‘find my ipad’ app onto icloud.

    Please can you load: Euro New Primary French CD onto the server.

    Most likely we will be using remote access soon.

  19. sara says:

    Hi Farid,
    purchase an app on my ipad (29) it needs configuring so that it prints to konica photocopier.

    Jess mentioned she’s unable to access SIMS from remote access.

    Please could you set up one new laptop to the hall TV and stick a big label on to say: DO NOT Remove from the hall.

  20. 032pandors says:

    Hi Farid
    Having spoken to Rob Loyd, we need s drive installed on all staff as from remote access we can’t use SIMS.

    Couple of the new laptops not working.

    iPad mini and iPad Air arrived and now need configuring. Serial number and iPad number to Sharon.

    • Farid says:

      A) added S: drive for staff.

      B) I’ll have to take the ipads away to the office on the next visit to sort them. Are they going to a member of staff or a particular class?

      C) which of the laptops aren’t working? numbers pls…

  21. 032wyreh says:

    Hi Farid
    Please could I get Sims on my laptop that you installed in my Y6 classroom last week.

  22. Jill Allen says:

    Hi Year 2 are unable to log onto the laptops as their year group 032year2014. Please could you set this up.

  23. Helen Frimu says:

    Please could you sort out the Microsoft ord on my laptop? Year 1 thanks

  24. Helen Frimu says:

    Can you get the mouse working on classroom computer at the back of Year1? I’ve tried changing the mouse but it’s not worked. Think the children may have turned it off?

  25. Sara says:

    Hi Farid
    Please could you delete my App Store account from iPad 29. It’s still logged on into my personal account and not schools. The iPad belongs to Amy Venner in year 4.

  26. Jill Allen says:

    Year 3 – the Ipads won’t connect to wifi. the laptops also keep dropping connection to the internet,. This has been happening last couple of weeks .

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