Fabulous Forest School

Reception have been having a fabulous time at their forest school sessions. So far we have made journey sticks, we have made rafts and watched them float, we made magic wands and we have used the bit and brace to make tree cookies.

We also love our free time where we have been den building, making ninja stars and playing lots of games. Here are some pictures of our super learning so far.

Royal Wedding

Over the past couple of days, Reception have been getting ready for the Royal Wedding. We have been making cards to send to Prince Harry and Meghan, wishing them a very happy wedding day. Miss Alexander is going to send our cards off. We have also been designing a wedding cake for the big day as well as a dress for a Meghan and a suit for Prince Harry. We have had lots of royal fun!

Spring Walk

This week we are thinking all about Spring, this morning we have been on a Spring walk. On our walk we used our eyes to look, our ears to hear and even our nose to smell. We spotted lots of signs of Spring.

We saw buds on the trees and leaves starting to grow, we saw beautiful pink and yellow flowers. We heard the birds tweeting and we heard a buzzing bee. We used our nose to smell some of the beautiful flowers.

Plant a little seed…wait for it to grow!

This week Reception have started a new topic, ‘How does a root shoot?’ This topic is all about growing. To start our topic, we have been planting seeds, ready to watch them grow over the next half term.

What steps did you have to do to plant  your seed?

Now we have planted our seeds, we need to look after them to help them grow. Follow this link to see what plants need to help them grow. Can you name three things a plant needs to help it grow? https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zcn9j6f

Have a magical Mother’s Day

Reception would like to wish all our mummies and nanas a wonderful Mother’s Day. This week we have been thinking about why our mummies and nanas are so special to us. We shared lots of super reasons, some of these were; “because she tucks me in at night”, “because she bakes with me”, “because she brings me to school”, “because she reads me a bedtime story”, “because she gives me cuddles and kisses”.

As part of our learning we have been getting very creative. We looked at a real bunch of flowers and had a go a drawing them using crayons and oil pastels. We used our scissor skills to cut out and make our very own vases of flowers and we had a go at writing about why we love our mummy. Take a look at some of our super learning.


Library Visit

On Monday afternoon, Reception and Year Six went on a visit to Bolton library.

We got on the train from Lostock train station, we travelled to Bolton station. Wephen we arrived at Bolton we got off the train and walked down to the library. We loved our journey on the train.

At the library we had lots of fun, we listened to stories that our Year Six partner read to us. There were so many different books to choose from. What a super afternoon of reading!


People Who Help us visitors

Reception would love to say a big thank you to all of the visitors we have had over the past 2 weeks. We have been very lucky to have visits from a nurse, a police officer and the fire service. We loved all our visits and asked lots of questions. We loved being bandaged up by Henry’s mummy who works at the hospital. We tried on the police officer’s uniform and we each had a go a squirting the fire hose. Here are a couple of photographs from our fire service visit.

Language Day

Reception had a fabulous day on language. The country we were learning about was Spain. We had a great day learning all about the culture of Spain. We learnt some Spanish dancing, we made castanets, we tried traditional Spanish food and we learnt to sing in Spanish. We really did have lots of fun learning all about our chosen country.

Here is some of our super learning.