Goat adventures!

image image image After feeding the goats and chickens this morning we took Evie and Marvin for an adventure in the woods! They had a great time and stopped along the way for a snack or two. When we got back we treated them to some willow, their favourite food!!

Let me know if you would like to help me take our gorgeous goats for a walk.

We also checked on the broody hens and they were sitting happily on their eggs, they should hatch around 5th June! I’ll keep you posted with pictures and updates.

Cleaning Day!,

Today some of our Year 6 pupils helped us give the animals a BIG clean out! It’s really important and they did a great job!

Evie and Marvin really appreciate their hard work!



Evie and Marvin went for a walk with Ben and Ben while the rest of us spruced up their house, they love to get out and about.


Can you tell me where Pygmy goats come from?

The chickens weren’t left out either; Madeline, Molly and Georgia were moved into new accommodation today. This is so the chicks will be safe when they hatch!


How many eggs can you count in the nest?

Looks like a fun day out!!

I found this today and thought I would share it with you, it looks like fun!!

I have taken this from an e mail that was sent to me;


Open Farm Sunday Family Fun Day 2015!

 Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic national initiative to celebrate British farming and food, and also promises to be a fantastic day out for the entire family!

Entry is £1 (Children under 5 free) and proceeds will go to charity.

 Come and join us for:

  • Sheep dog demonstrations
  • The Gruffalo and Punch & Judy puppet shows
  • Cookery and craft demonstrations
  • Food and craft stalls
  • Bouncy castle, face painting and children’s activites
  • Hog roast, cakes and ice cream
  • Fully licensed bar
  • Live entertainment and music


Mini-beast hunt!



Today, Reception went into the woods to see what they could find. They were searching for mini-beasts and they certainly weren’t disappointed. Take a look at what they found….

rec 1Archileas found a brilliant beetle!

rec 3They looked under some logs and found slugs and woodlice.

SAM_2466[1]Amara found a super snail shell but the snail had moved house. They had a fantastic time.

Have a look under a rock or log in your garden and tell me what you find.

Click here to find instructions on making a bug hotel.

Meet our animals!

Here at Lostock we are very proud of our little farm.

We have 2 pygmy goats, Evie and Marvin. They are nearly 1 year old, very playful and love to climb! Evie was named after one of our pupils as her Dad helped us out a lot with our fencing!! We like to take them for walks and they love to have a snuggle with us.


We also have five chickens; Molly, Madeline, Georgia, Jane and Darren.


All of our chickens are female and we hatched some of them ourselves!! Madeline hatched Jane, Darren and Georgia and is ready to be a mummy again. Georgia was named after Prince George as she hatched on the day that that he was born!! Our very own royal chick!!

At the moment Molly, Madeline and Jane are broody so we have put some eggs under them and we are hoping they will hatch in about 20 days. Watch this space!!

Can you find out what broody means?

How long does it take for an egg to hatch?

Check out this website to find out everything you need to know about caring for chickens.