Forest School

Every Wednesday in forest school year 5 have been learning how to do different things such as fire lighting, soup making, den building and much more. We have been doing activities like searching for hazards and explored our forest for things we have never seen. We found things like shield Beatles and different types of leaves. We really enjoyed it. When we made soup and bread we cooked it over the fire and we ate it with our soup. Each week we used tools to craft different things like tree cookies. After this, we would decorate these. It is now year 3’s tern. I hope they have a good time like we did.



Writing for the whole wide world!

Welcome to our  Digital Leader’s Blog.

In this blog we – the digital leaders will be sharing school news, debates, we will listen to what our peers want us to blog about and we will lead the blog posts in this area.

We are going to use blogging as a tool to improve our English skills. We know we will have to try our very best with our writing as our audience is the potentially the whole of the world wide web.

We would really appreciate you leaving comments as to what you would like us to blog about .