Dancing Through The Years!

In Year 5 and Year 6, our dance curriculum; Dancing through the decades, which everyone found fun, was focused on 5 different dances. These dances came for the year 1970`s, 1980`s, 1990`s 2000`s and modern day! When everyone started in our first few weeks, nobody knew any of the songs, which we were working on. However, when the weeks went by, everyone started to realise what the songs were, such as, don`t touch this.

Other classes have done different dances to different songs, such as, Year 4 and Year 3, who did Matilda and Year 2, who did Hard Knock Life, from Annie.

In these lessons, the dance teacher, who would teach them each week, would start off with a warm-up, and then start leading them into their actual dance!

All of these classes have enjoyed their dance lessons and wish that they could do it again for another term!