Y5 Christmas Decorations

The school has been making Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree and have put a lot hard of work into their decorations. Here are some questions about your decorations.

what did you make?

what did you use?

what colours did you use?

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Children in need

Let’s do our part for children in need!

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Remembrance Day

In school on Friday we had a 1 minute silence around our poppy pole and year 6 wrote amazing poems for us all to hear. Hear are some questions.

What were you thinking about?

Do you have any family members who fought in the world war?

How many different ways did the people in the war help our country?


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Stain glass windows

Year6 have also been making stain glass windows.

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Remembrance Day

Year6 have bin painting poppies.

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Y6 skipton castle trip

Skipton castle was really enjoyable and fun,we learnt so many facts  Did you know the faterriney family who lives  there today created the  FA cup. We got to see this beautiful tree that Lady Anne Clifford grew, the dungeon was really scary we all got to turn the light off.In those days the servers would play tricks on the people who where eating. Comment  which bit of Skipton Castle did you like best?

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Y5 School Trip

Yesterday year 5 went on a trip and they went to taton park, there was an Anglo Saxon settlement. They learnt lots of things and found out interesting information. Here are some questions for you to answer.

did you enjoy it?

what did you learn?

woud you like to go again?

did you have fun?

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On Thursday we had an assembly on harvest and we learnt facts about the harvestman, here are some questions about the harvest.

Where dose the harvest go?

What is the harvest?

Who is it given to?

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Harvest festival 2017 Yay

year 5 singing in the Harvest festival singing Harvest Samba  what song was your favourite?

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