Pancake day!!

Today Y6 have been making pancakes and we all had a great flip doing it.Everyonegot to put   on a delicious topping, comment which would be your faviourte topping:syrup, banana, sugar and lemon which one?

Internet safety Day

Today in Y6 we have been drawing and thinking all about internet safety day ,so as a part  of the Safety day we drew jigsaws all about online safety, everyone did a really good job with their drawing well done Y6. What do you have to do to stay safe online?


Y6 Language day

Today in class Y6 , as a part of language day learning; Hungary we all made a power point all about Hungary. Which part of lanugauge day did you enjoy most? Thank  you to Mrs Wyre for today.

Making a powerpoint a amazing PowerPoint all about Hungary