Remembrance Day

In school on Friday we had a 1 minute silence around our poppy pole and year 6 wrote amazing poems for us all to hear. Hear are some questions.

What were you thinking about?

Do you have any family members who fought in the world war?

How many different ways did the people in the war help our country?


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3 Responses to Remembrance Day

  1. Zainudeen says:

    On Remembrance Day I was thinking about the war and people who died and got hurt.No I don’t have any family members who fought in the wars but my mums friend dad fought in war. They were protecting us so we have a good future.

  2. 032clarkel says:

    Great questions, Saif. These give us lots to think about.

  3. Oliver s says:

    I was thinking about my great grandpa who was in world war 2. He died when he was 92. He has lots of medals and we have pictures of him in his uniform. I thought about the soldiers who died for us.

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