Family Orienteering

Queen’s Park – Bolton

WOW! What an incredible turnout this morning! It was so nice to see so many families up and ready to begin their weekend in the great outdoors.  We were thrilled that the rain held off and allowed us to complete the orienteering course without any obstacles. The children loved it and so did the adults! Thank you so much for coming along and joining us. Your feedback would be really appreciated so please comment on here and let us know what you thought! Here’s to another successful well-being event, for all the family!

Stories from other cultures

In our English lessons we are planning our own story from another culture based on the story we read “The three magicians”.  We have written our setting descriptions and we are going to be thinking about our story plot next week.  What ideas have you got? What will the three magicians be fighting over… what will they foolishly create… what will they say as they cast their spells?

Share your ideas with each other on here!