Resilience challenge.

Hello Lostock!

I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather we have been having while staying at home.

I have set you all a short writing challenge on Purple Mash around the theme of resilience

Resilience means that you never give up and that even when things are difficult or hard you keep going and know that things will get better again.

I want you to think of your favourite story or a movie about a character that has shown great resilience. Characters like Harry Potter, Anna from frozen, Rey from Star Wars are all great examples of how to be resilient as they never give up even though they experience a lot of difficult situations.

There are loads more different movies or stories where the main character overcomes a problem even when it is really hard or you might be able to think of a book you have read.

It is good for us to remember to think about being resilient when we have problems or find something hard in our own lives. It’s important to know that things will get easier again and good times will return.

If you log on to I have set you a ToDo which involves drawing a picture and typing some writing underneath. 

In the picture you can use clip art and the drawing tools to create a scene from your movie or story which has a character that shows great resilience.

Underneath write a short paragraph explaining how your character showed amazing resilience  in the story.

Include in your writing:

1.Details about the problems they had

2.How the character overcame the problems or difficulties

3.How everything worked out in the end or got better

4.How you could be more like them in your life

Use the words or phrases below.

resilience                       didn’t give up                              perservered                                       overcame problems                   things were difficult                       kept going

Here is one I have completed to give you an idea what your published work could look like. I am going to print your writing out and put them on display in the corridor so make sure your sentences start with a capital letter and end in a full stop and your work is your best. Also make sure your spelling is accurate and especially the suggested words above.


I am looking forward to seeing all your amazing published work about resilience.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mr Kelly

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