32 thoughts on “Lostock Primary School Clap for Children.”

  1. In tears. Oh my word. Should have watched this before putting my makeup on. Thank you for this. Wonderful. Stay safe x

  2. That was very nice of all of the Lostock family and put a big smile on my face seeing you all!

    Tanvi Halai (Year 2)

  3. This video is beautiful, Arthur and I really enjoyed watching it and seeing all of you wonderful teachers, thank you so much, it really made us smile this morning, the children are making us all proud as are you fantastic teachers! #staysafe

  4. Thank you to all the teachers, that is absolutely lovely and made us all smile 🙂

    We cant wait to be back.


  5. Now I’m welling up! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We miss you so much – it was the least we could do. We are the Lostock Family and we are in this together.

    Miss you all!

    Mrs Guest

  6. We loved watching this -it put a big smile on all our faces !

    Perfect music choice !

    Harriet, Rachel & Andy

  7. Thank you we miss you too I would love to see you soon.
    #keepsafe #smile #missyou


  8. Aawww that was oh so sweet Muhammed-Ayaan (Yr2) and I loved watching it.
    Thankyou All deffo put a smile (and a few tears) on my Face!

    #staySafe #StayHappy ☺️

  9. Thank you all for that very special video. I miss you all too. When my family clap for carers/NHS/keyworkers on Thursdays at 8pm, we always do a big clap for our teachers at Lostock and for our Lostock Family.


    We are strong together xxx

  10. Wow, thank you for all your kind comments. We miss you so much and can not wait until it is safe for us all to come back together.

    Mrs Guest

  11. I have only just seen this video and it is amazing!! miss you all especially Mrs P, Mrs A & MRs H.

  12. I’m glad you like it! It is called ‘I’ll be there for you’… Just as we are all here for you and your sisters.

    Mrs Guest

  13. Big Blast loved it I miss you all the MOST ! When will we get to see each other again its feels like we’ve been apart to much now! LOVED the video! Can’t wait to see you!



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