Well done everyone for being so engaged with your learning while at home. You really have blown all the staff away with your posts and your positive attitudes to your tasks.

While you are off it’s also important to continue look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Remember all the things in school you do to help you if you feel worried or upset. 

Stay active. Exercise is so important for your physical wellbeing. As well as being fun it also keeps you healthy and improves your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Check out Lyla in Year 3 who has made some amazing home workout videos for her class mates. She certainly displays amazing positivity while looking after her wellbeing and also encouraging others to do the same. She could rival Joe Wicks as the next YouTube sensation. 

Join in with her by clicking the link below.


If you have any great examples of how to look after your wellbeing while at home then post your comments and we can share them with the whole school family. 

Aim high, together we will fly. 

Mr Kelly

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