Cross Country

A massive well done to our amazing cross country team! You have all shown great enthusiasm, determination and courage each week. We ‘aimed high’ each week and your perseverance has certainly paid off! Both teams came 6th out of 40 schools across Bolton- incredible!



6 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. I really enjoyed cross country!!
    I came 45 and Olivia came 46, she was right behind me we stuck together, but Olivia did a lot of little sprints so then at the end I had a bit more power so I came before her.

  2. Well done to all of the cross country team in some very muddy conditions, you were all amazing. Thank you to the staff for helping out and giving our children the opportunity to compete.

  3. Really really well done to every one in cross country thank you for representing our school then thanks once more .

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