7 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day Assembly 2016”

  1. This assembly was really fun and I learnt a lot about e-safety.
    I liked how it was interactive with the whiteboards.

  2. this assembly was really good and fun I learnt a lot about being safe on the internet next time I go on the internet I remember all of them things.

  3. Hello Saif,

    I’m glad you enjoyed your e-safety lesson. As you can tell from the blog, we do lots of teaching and learning about e-safety. Every class always has a ‘refresher’ lesson or lessons at the start of each year, but your teachers will be constantly reminding you about e-safety throughout the year. We also have special ‘E-safety Days’, where we have a big focus on this area.

    We have many new Ipads and laptops and so I am confident you will enjoy lots of Computing and digital literacy lessons this year. You are lucky too, as Mrs Pandor is our IT and Computing leader and so it is her favourite subject!


    Mrs Guest

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