Celebrating Diversity

We should all be proud of who we are. We should celebrate our similarities, our differences and those qualities that make us unique.

There are different skin colours, different hair colours, different religions, different types of families… We are one Lostock Family.

What makes you proud to be you? Please write and tell me. Let’s celebrate diversity!

Mrs Guest

Year 6 – Class of 2020

Poem for Year 6 children – class of 2020 🤗 🌈

Today is the day that SATs would have started,
The classroom set up and the tables parted,
The rules on the board, the display walls all covered,
Your workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard,
Instead you are home, you’re doing your bit,
Protecting your families from getting sick,
It’s important right now, we’re in lockdown you see,
Being apart of world history,
You’ve all worked so hard, you should be so proud,
You’ve practised your SPAG and times tables out loud,
You’ve learnt algebra to the Nth degree,
And now the tests, they will no longer be,
Some may be sad that they can’t take the tests,
“Hip hip hooray,” I’ve no doubt said the rest,
Whilst the tests are on hold and you stay home this term,
Remember that tests can’t measure everything you learn,
And I don’t need SATs results to tell me,
How hard you have worked, it’s easy to see,
‘Lockdown’ Year 6, let me shout it out loud,
You’ve made all your teachers so very proud,
So please continue to learn, fill that brain up full,
And remember, we think you’re all wonderful! 💕

Government News

An email to all parents/carers has been sent this morning at 9am regarding the announcement last night…

For now, we keep safe and we carry on blogging! I will update further in my weekly letter this Friday.

Stay safe.

Mrs Guest

#Online Safety At Home

Child online safety during lockdown: where to report

With children spending more time on the internet during lockdown, it’s more important than ever for parents and carers and their children to know the best reporting and support routes, should they be worried about something online.

The new ParentInfo article from CEOP signposts to reporting, advice and support services available for children and their families.

Managing mental health and wellbeing: advice for families

Two new Parent Info articles explore how parents and carers can support their child’s mental health, and highlight things they can do to manage the wellbeing challenges of family life under lockdown:

Department for Education Survey

A survey from the Department for Education closes at 9am tomorrow morning. It has not been well publicised or promoted: most schools had no idea it was happening. However, they say the results will be shared with politicians this week to inform decisions about schools reopening. Thoughts? Please make sure your voices are heard:


Mrs Guest