DT Projects

Our design brief…

To make a stain glass window to replace the one missing at Skipton Castle.

Well done to everyone this week. Our stain glass windows are beautiful, they really brighten up our classroom.

Can you give a star and a wish for your finished product?


Year 6 have loved gymnastics today. They have been exploring all kinds of jumps and movements. They have tried lots of apparatus and worked well a team.

A great session had by all.

Can you describe your favourite apparatus and what movement you did on it?

I loved the seal move on the vault 🙂

World War 1

We have loved creating poetry about WW1 this week. We have read several amazing poems and we found inspiration from this collection.

Year 6 will have the oppurtunity to read some of their poems out at out remembrance parade at school.

Happy Half Term

Wow what an incredible start to Year 6. This half term has flown by and we have achieved so much already, you should be so proud of yourselves.

Have a fantastic half term, try to relax and recharge your batteries ready for a fun- filled autumn 2.

What is your favourite memory of autumn 1 and why?

Mine is when we did the Macmillan coffee day, you were all so mature and it felt like we were a proper Y6 team.