Tag rugby

Today, Year 6 have done some excellent tag rugby. What was your favourite part and why?

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20 Responses to Tag rugby

  1. Oscar says:

    I liked bulldog because I like dodging peoples attempts to get me and the distance to get accross too.

  2. Jenson says:

    My favourite part was playing king of the ring, because I love being savage and taking everyones tags !!!

  3. Adam says:

    I really enjoy playing rugby it is soooooo fun.

  4. Shahrad :) says:

    I enjoyed it, it was exremely FUN!!!!!!

  5. mark says:

    my favourite game was king of the ring because I like taking tags.

  6. Madison says:

    I really enjoyed todays rugdy lesson; I have learned so many things so far throughout.

  7. Hayden says:

    I love doing tag rugby itโ€™s sooooooooooo fun:)

  8. Olivia says:

    My favourite part was when we played the king and queen of the castle at the end of the session, because we all got to have lots of tags and there is always a winner at the end

  9. Olivia says:

    My beast session was when we played boldog

  10. Aicha says:

    My beast session was when we played boldog

  11. kian says:

    i really enjoy bulldog because it is really fun dodging people and trying to win.

  12. Laura,Amelia,Aisha I says:

    We thought it was really fun we can’t wait fir our next lesson!!!

  13. Vali and Daisy x says:

    Our favourite game was bulldog, because we really enjoyed trying catch everyone. Daisy had pink tags and Vali’s were orange.

  14. keira McIntosh says:

    i really enjoyed doing tag rugby lesson this week because we played buldog in a rugby way and it was really fun and i have learnd some stuff about it.

  15. Kane says:

    It was really fun and exhausting

  16. Nikita And fajar says:

    Tag rugby was so fun

  17. Amelia says:

    I really enjoyed tag rugby because we did lots of diffrent games and activities

  18. Diwani says:

    I loved this lesson it was AMAZING!!!

  19. 0322011oh says:

    This is Kiishan, Emma and Oliver we really enjoyed this session.

  20. Rihanna says:

    My fav part was bulldog it is fun catching everyone but it was hard to get Oscar and Kian because they love dodging people

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