18 thoughts on “Science day

  1. I really enjoyed the science class, I loved making the vitamins explode in the containers and doing the egg challenge trying to fit a egg in a tiny container.

  2. It was properly the most AMAZING FRIDAY EVER we exploded things i worked with Jenson and we did one by one and we found out that when we put 5 in it didn’t explode very well and when we put 1 in it exploded so much.I FOR ONE LOVED IT!!!!! I COULD TELL JENSON WAS VERY VERY UPSET WHEN HIS WORK WAS COVERD IN VITAMINS AND WATER BUT WE COULD STILL COPY IT IN OUR BOOKS

  3. Awww it was fab!! Really hope we can do something as amazing as this another time x thank you so much to the amazing scientist who helped us learn in a way more fun method ❤️

  4. I really enjoyed doing the science because it was really fun making the vitamins explode and and watching the egg go in to the funnel

  5. I really enjoyed a full day of explosive science it was amazing I exsecially liked the egg challenge by getting the egg in and out of the bottle

  6. I know I’ve already commented but I had so much fun learning about chemistry.

    My favourite part was when the man sucked the egg into the test tube without breaking it or pushing in with his hands. Thank you ❤️

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