14 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Year 6

  1. Hi Its Sophie Ashton, from last year 6. I see you’ve been up to fantastic things, enjoy them because everything you do in Year 6 stays with you forever. I’m doing well at my High school, heads up for you lot, trust me youll make friend very quickly and youll enjoy every lesson. Well I shouldn’t keep you, well I wish you all the best of luck for Year 6, your SATs and your new High School.

    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Sophie, so good to hear from you. I’m so pleased to hear you love High School and it sounds like you are doing really well.
      Thank you for the advice you have given Year 6, they really appreciate it.
      Thank you for saying such lovely things about last year, it is very kind.
      Keep trying hard and I know you will do so well.
      Keep in touch,
      Mrs Wyre

  2. i can’t believe its nearly the christmas holidays we all have enjoyed Y6 so much i can’t wait to see what we are doing this week with our lovely teachers mrs Wyre and mrs Melling I seriously can’t wait

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