Welcome to the new Year 6

Wow I can’t believe another school year is underway. I am very excited to begin this year with another fantastic class. We have already achieved so much in the first week.

What lessons are you looking forward to the most?

Have you enjoyed your first week?

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The Poppy Pole

A huge well done to Kiishan and Aisha for reading their amazing war poems out to the whole school during our Remembrance Day parade.


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Hockey session

Year 6 have loved their first hockey session today. We learnt about equipment control and how to pass effectively to partner.

What is the correct stance?

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Skipton Castle Trip

Year 6 had so much fun at Skipton Castle today. They learnt all about the history of the Castle and they looked in every room. They mostly enjoyed the dungeons!

Which was your favourite part of the trip?

Tell me one amazing fact you learnt.

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Science day

Science afternoon in Year 6 #amazingscience #experimenting #pickledegg #flask #candles #friction #pressure #gravity


What an incredible afternoon! What was your favourite part of the session?

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Greater Manchester Fire Services

Year 6 have had their treacle training today and they loved it. They learnt about firework safety and how to stay safe at Halloween. They watched a video, which created lots of great questions from the children. Another valuable training session delivered by the fantastic Greater Manchester Fire Service. They are looking forward to CPR training which is coming up later in the year.

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Book Fair

Year 6 have enjoyed looking at the new books on offer today. They had the opportunity to read books together and share their thoughts and opinions.

Did you buy a book?

What was the best book you read today?

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Music in Year 6

In music today we tried hard to layer sounds and maintain our focus.

Did you enjoy it? What could you improve?

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Westhoughton High School visit

Today we have had our first taster of High School! Westhoughton High School came into talk to us about their fantastic school. We asked questions and listened to the school and their qualities.

Scary how quick this year goes!

What high school would you like to go to and why?

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BBC live science

Year 5&6 have loved joining in with live science sessions today on the BBC

#lovetolearn #livescience #bbclivelessons

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