Using our Inference Skills

Some of us have been practising our inference skills this week in guided reading.

Have a look at this image:

Question time!

What has awoken the giant?

Do you think he poses a danger to people?

What was he doing under the ground?

How long do you think he had been there for?

How will people react to his presence?

What would you do if you saw a giant?

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Arthur High King of Britain

We have done some great drama work this morning looking at chatacter’s feelings.

We re-enacted the scene where Arthur pulled the sword from the stone. There were some great freeze frames!


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Zombie Tig

We really enjoyed our rugby session today exploring the two key words of space and support. We started with a great game of zombie tig and improved our defending skills.

How did we use our heads/hands/hearts today?

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Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from?

We have been looking at countries of Europe today including those the Anglo-Saxons came from.

Here is the link to play the game we looked at at the end of the lesson:

How many countries can you name?

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Harvest Samba!!!!!!

We learnt a song called Harvest Samba and then created our own strap lines which we then turned into a new verse!

What do you think?


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Monday Morning Rugby

We are really enjoying our rugby sessions with JP on a Monday morning. We are learning to use space and support our team mates in the matches we have played.

What have you enjoyed most about rugby so far year 5?

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Maths mania!!!

This morning we went Maths mad on the lap tops and I pads. We practised our targets and had great fun! Look at us go!!!!!

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Dance through the Decades

Year 5 have been learning all about dance through the decades. So far, we are learning a dance from the 60s to the popular song ‘Shout’ and a Jackson 5 number from the 70s. We are all are very enthusiastic and there are some excellent dancers in our class!

What has been your favourite part of dance so far?

Can you explain how you have used your heads, hands and heart?

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Image result for SMART esafety

In our computing lesson this week, we began to think about how to keep ourselves safe online. We refreshed our knowledge of the SMART rules.

Can you remember what SMART stands for?

Can you give one tip for how to keep yourself safe online?

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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

We had a great first week starting our learning about the Anglo-Saxons.

What have you enjoyed most so far?

What are you looking forward to learning this term?

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