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Computing Pupil Voice  

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Our Paralympic Visitor

We were very lucky to be visited by the Paralympic athlete Michael Churm in school today. He represents team GB and has completed at different Paralympic Games. He is an athlete who runs the 100m, 200m and relay races. He … Continue reading

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Today in PE we began our new unit of athletics. We began to practise our skills of relay and long jump. Our warm up game of dishes and domes was lots of fun! We then looked at our technique for … Continue reading

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Outdoor Maths

  We really enjoyed learning about regular and irregular polygons outdoors today! Can you explain what an irregular shape is?    

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Save the Egg!

We had lots of fun investigating which material would make the best parachute in order to land an egg safely. What did we find out? What did you learn about air resistance?

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River Story

  We have been been reading River Story as part our our English work and looking at the devices the author has used to engage the reader. Can you write some descriptive phrases to describe this river? Challenge: can you … Continue reading

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Science Links

IT and research – Chn to research more about balanced and unbalanced forces and then complete quiz Try game on Or this one:

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The excitement of wall bars!

We had a really fun gymnastics lesson this morning using the wall bars. We also created fantastic group balances! What would yo like to do next in gymnastics?

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Merry Christmas!

We had a great time at our party day today. Everyone showed off their fantastic dance moves and had fun with the party games. The children also enjoyed some fantastic plates of party food! 

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Anglo-Saxon Ebooks

We have been creating our own ebooks to showcase our extensive knowledge about the Anglo-Saxons. They are all fantastic! Take a look at Xavier and Adnaan’s completed book:

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