Our Class Assembly

We performed our class assesmbly all about the Anglo-Saxons to the whole school and lots of our families. We had archaeologists, King Arthur the Great and even ghostbusters hunting a ghost! Everyone was fantastic and the audience thought the performance was brilliant.

What was your favourite part?

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15 Responses to Our Class Assembly

  1. Annabelle says:

    I loved doing our class assembly on the Anglo-Saxons and looking forward to our trip that is coming soon!

  2. Annabelle says:

    My favourite part was the goastbusters song.

  3. Adnaan Hajee says:

    My favourite part was the ghostbusters theme because it was so entertaining.

  4. Jake says:

    I loved being the Anglo Saxo
    God Thor it was really fun thanks to
    All the teachers who helped

  5. Abigail cat says:

    I ghosty in the background I had a goofy face asswellspooky cute.

  6. James says:

    I think everyone did a really good job at acting for our class assembly

  7. Jasper platt says:

    James do you think you did well

  8. James says:

    I think I did really in our assembly

  9. Oliver s says:

    I enjoyed doing the assembly, thank you Jake for letting me use your back pack

  10. Ruby says:

    It was so fun doing our class assembly So fun

  11. charlie says:

    I loved the Anglo Saxon play it was amazing thanks to all the teachurs how helped

  12. leona says:

    I loved the school play i loved my part

  13. Phoebe says:

    I loved my part (glam girl)

  14. Thomas says:

    I think this was the best assembly

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