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Pancake Day

Why do we eat/make pancakes? Can you list 5 facts about Shrove Tuesday?

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Happy Safer Internet Day :)

How can we be safe online Year 4?

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Science Fun!

What did you learn about teeth in yesterdays science lesson?

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Year 4 Assembly

Myself and Miss Pennington were extremely proud of each and every individual who performed on our Lostock stage on Wednesday morning. Seeing those children who are often quiet and shy come out of their shell and blossom into butterflies was … Continue reading

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Great first term!

Firstly, I just want to thank every single one of you for your overwhelming support this term, it’s been a pleasure and honour to teach your children and I’ve loved getting to know each and every one of them, have … Continue reading

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Roman Dewa Experience

Today has been a brilliant day 🙂 What have you learnt?

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Schools linking project

  What have you learnt about our friends at St Thomas? what are the differences and similiarities between you and your friend?  

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What is electricity?

Where does electricity come from? How do switches work? which materials allow electricity to flow through them? Which items need electricity to work?  

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Happy Diwali to you all!

Today we discussed the Diwali festival, watched videos and learnt a Diwali dance. What have you learnt today about Diwali?IMG_3621

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We are so lucky to have a fantastic PTA who fund our music lessons!

Which instrument do you play and what have you learnt so far this year in music?  

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