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Sketching fun

Which shading texture did you enjoy experimenting with the most?

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Crafting sentences

Today we’ve been editing and improving our sentences in English. Please improve this simple sentence below: Mood – Happy The girl went into the swimming baths.

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Computing pupil voice…

Please fill in this form for Miss Clarke, Thank you 🙂

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Scientific forest school!

Wow! What an amazing scientific forest school afternoon… What activities have you done throughout our science day? Which activity did did you enjoy the most and why?

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Forest School :)

  Wow! We’ve had so much fun in the forest this week with Mrs booth! Which activity did you enjoy the most? What have you learnt from our first experience in the forest? What are you looking forward too?

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World Book Day 2018!!!

Wow! First of all, thank you parents for helping the children with their world book day costumes. They all look amazing! Everyone has put in 100% effort and the children are really enjoying their day so far! Why do we … Continue reading

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Snow pyramid!

Estimate how tall you think this snow pyramid was. How did you create this snow pyramid?

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Pancake Day

Why do we eat/make pancakes? Can you list 5 facts about Shrove Tuesday?

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Happy Safer Internet Day :)

How can we be safe online Year 4?

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Science Fun!

What did you learn about teeth in yesterdays science lesson?

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