Happy Diwali to you all!

Today we discussed the Diwali festival, watched videos and learnt a Diwali dance.

What have you learnt today about Diwali?IMG_3621

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14 Responses to Happy Diwali to you all!

  1. Olivia
    They do hena but Hindus call it mendi

  2. Alysha
    The word Diwali means the row of lights

  3. Lily
    Diwali is a Hindu festival

  4. olivia
    They put lights in a line to guide Krishna to their house

  5. Alysha
    They wake up early and set up truer house

  6. Lily
    They go to temple but Hindus call it mandir

  7. Lily
    Their main fireworks are fire crackers

  8. Oliver
    They like to eat vegetarian food seeing as Diwali is a non meat day

  9. Oliver
    The girls put a red paste on the brothers head and then sprinkles rice grains on the paste

  10. Alysha
    The sisters put a holy bracelets on them and in return the sisters get money

  11. oliver
    The sisters wave a plate with a candle on and a coconut with the aum symbol on in front of the brothers plate

  12. harry roscoe says:

    Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated mainly in India but also all across the world.

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