Gaelic Football

Thie week, we started Gaelic football. This was great fun and another skill to continue learning! What was your favourite part?

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Visit to Beechville Care Home

Year 3 visiting Beechville Care Home, giving Christmas cards and singing to residents! We put smiles on each resident’s face! Very memorable for all! 🎄🎄🎄

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We designed our own Hanukkah candles this afternoon! What did yours look like?

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We finished our DT project this week by creating our own Stone Age stew! How did you find it? Could we improve it by adding anything else?



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IMG_3235 IMG_3237

How amazing are these two in gymnastics! Wow!!!

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A chilly forest school this morning!

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We had a great first day at forest school this week! We made our own Stone Age cave paintings out of mud, as well as making our own paint brushes!!! We also made mini Stonehenge and our own story stones! It was really fun!


In Science Lostock Learner  this week, we looked at different forces. We made our own freeze frames using a push or pull force. Can you guess which force we are using?

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This afternoon, we went into the forest to make our own Stone Age tools. What tool did you use? How did you make it? Did you find it easy or hard to make?

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This half term we are doing gymnastics in PE. We will be working on our core strength every week to help us begcome stronger for our gymnastic moves. This is us in week 1 of our circuit training! Did you find it easy or a bit tricky?

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Amazing sequencing work this morning from these two super stars this morning! ⭐️

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