This afternoon, we went into the forest to make our own Stone Age tools. What tool did you use? How did you make it? Did you find it easy or hard to make?

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  1. 032tunstalll says:

    Martha- we made a spear out of a stone, string and a big stick. It was tricky to make because it was hard to see icky the stone onto the stick.

  2. 032tunstalll says:

    Alyssa- my group made a spear. We made it out of a big stone, stick and rope.

  3. 032tunstalll says:

    Elle- we made a spear. I found it a bit tricky because the stone wouldn’t stay on the stick.

  4. 032tunstalll says:

    Amara- I saw a big stick and rocks that looked like a spear shape. So that is how we came up with our tool idea.

  5. 032tunstalll says:

    Izzy J- we made a spear as a group. It was lots of fun, especially because we were in the forest.

  6. 032tunstalll says:

    Jenson- I had fun in th forest. I made my own bow and arrow.

  7. 032tunstalll says:

    Charlie R- I made a bow and arrow.

  8. 032tunstalll says:

    Imaan- I made a bow and arrow and an axe with Charlie! I loved it!

  9. 032tunstalll says:

    Blayke- we made a sword for the Stone Age tool. It was tricky to make.

  10. 032tunstalll says:

    Jake- we made a group sword. We used a pipe cleaner to tie the stick and rock together.

  11. 032tunstalll says:

    Archileas- I had fun making our Stone Age tool!

  12. 032tunstalll says:

    Abigail- we made our own spear. It was made out of a big stick, some ribbon and a stone.

  13. 032tunstalll says:

    Florine- Me and Abigail worked together to make our spear. We had lots of good skills including teamwork.

  14. 032tunstalll says:

    Lewis- we made a hammer for the Stone Age people. They could use this to make their own tools.

  15. 032tunstalll says:

    Joseph- it was really fun!

  16. 032tunstalll says:

    Will- it was really fun making our own Stone Age tools!

  17. 032tunstalll says:

    Andrew- Our group worked really well together and because of this our tool was amazing! We made an axe!

  18. 032tunstalll says:

    Kareem- I made a spade!

  19. 032tunstalll says:

    Ane- we made a spear. We found string to tie a sharp rock on the end!

  20. Oliver says:

    OMG That looks SOOOO fun good job Year 3

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