17 thoughts on “Our trip to Liverpool Maritime Museum

  1. My best thing in our School trip at Titanic Museum in Liverpool was the model of the ship. I also really liked the gift shop!

    I learned a story about a boy who survived called Douglas who had a polar bear teddy. I also learned that the bottom bit of the iceberg is the biggest bit and above water is the smallest.

    • WOW Ethan! You did remember lots from the trip! I loved the story telling session! It really helped me to understand what it was like to be on board the Titanic, especially with the light effects!

  2. I enjoyed the story that Emma told us.
    I learnt that a boy called Douglas took Polor everywhere. His aunt bought the Polor Bear and when his aunt bought Polor Douglas took it on the Titanic. It got left on one of the life boat.His mum bought a new teddy. Douglas shouted Polor! Douglas then got him back.

    • Absolutely true! Well done, Yusuf! Do you have a special toy that you have had for a long time? Something that is special to you? Would you like to share it with us?

      • My special teddy is called Bat_Bear and I made it at build a bear workshop.It was a present from my cousin and my cousin live’s in a very hot country.

  3. My favourite part of our school trip was the gift shop. There was a boy called Douglas on the Titanic and his favourite toy was a white ,fluffy polar bear and he named it polar.

    • Super use of an expanded noun phrase Evie “white, fluffy polar bear”. You are trying really hard with your writing in class, well done! You are becoming a natural!

  4. I loved my trip to the maritime museum but the best bit was that Emma told us the story of the Titanic and that was amazing because I loved the Titanic story.

  5. I think it was such a fun topic to learn about. Everyone really enjoyed it and did some fantastic pieces of writing. I am glad you have remembered about our trip!

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