Welcome to Year 2

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World Cup day!

Last week we had so much fun on World Cup Day!

what was your favourite part?

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Hit the Button

We have been practicing our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Some of us have even been learning our 3’s!

Here is the game of ‘hit the button’ for you to play at home.


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Here is the game we played today.

Try to play it again and see what you have learnt about the fire and comment how well you got on!

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Our new topic his half term is The Great Fire of London. We have watched a video, read books and diary entries and even started a painting to go on our display!

What have you learnt about The Great Fire of London so far this week?

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Look at our plants!

Our cress plants are growing very quickly. Do you remember how we planted them and how we look after them?

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World Book Day in Year 2!

Year 2 have come dressed as characters from their favourite books in some amazing costumes!

Can you guess who we are?

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Indian Stick Insects

Mrs Marsh’s son is travelling to India in the summer to work in a school.  To help raise money for the school, he is selling Indian Stick Insects. They are very easy to look after and cost just £5 for 2. Who thinks they might buy some?

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Happy half term everyone!!

Thank you for such a brilliant term of learning.  We have produced some really fabulous work and made super progress!!

What has been your best bit of Spring 1… What are you proud of this term?

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Habitat Problems

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Can you spot the verbs, nouns and adjectives in the sentence below? For an extra bonus dojo, can you spot the adverb?

Jasper quickly ran all the way to large, spacious park to play on the shiny, slippery slide.

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