Welcome to Year 2

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Our magnificent world!

In our Creative Curriculum lesson this week, we found out about the 7 major continents that make up our wonderful world.  We split into small teams and found out some really interesting facts about each continent.  We then made our very own map of the world using the continents.

Can you remember any interesting facts? I am looking to give children a reward for showing super memory skills this week! Can you remember something that you can write down? Maybe the continent names (remember ABC!!) or maybe you can remember an interesting fact e.g. the name of a river that runs through a particular continent.


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Our trip to Liverpool Maritime Museum

What a fantastic trip we had today!!

Which bit did you enjoy the most?

What did you learn about the Titanic?

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What is Diwali?

In assembly, we have listened to information about the festival of ‘Diwali’. 

How much can you remember?

  • Which religion celebrates it?
  • What does Diwali mean?
  • How do people celebrate Diwali?
  • What other festivals are similar to Diwali?

Can you remember anything else?

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Why do you think that?

What type of person was Grace Darling? Can you explain why you think this way?

  • Why was Grace brave?
  • Was Grace determined?
  • Was Grace a heroin?

Don’t forget to explain your ideas  🙂

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Are you enjoying your dance lessons? Why?

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Grace Darling

This week Year Two have been learning about Grace Darling as part of our Creative Curriculum. We were recreating the events to understand why Grace Darling is famous. We tried to really understand the emotions felt by those involved.  Can you guess the emotions we were recreating?

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Hamish the cat

Mrs Cafferty enjoyed reading your character descriptions about Hamish the cat, I can’t wait to read his next adventure.

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Dance Fever!!

We have been developing our dance skills in the last few weeks with our wonderful dance teacher. We have learnt and developed a dance to, Hard Knock Life, from Annie!!! It’s really good fun!

Which dance moves did you like the best?

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Who is your favourite character in Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch?

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