Traction Man

This week we are reading the story of Traction Man.

Can you describe Traction Man?

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16 Responses to Traction Man

  1. Jack R says:

    He is fresh He is hansam he is bloo

  2. jenson says:

    Cool and brav and strong and brilnt and a he is flexible with his super powers

  3. He is flexible He is strong

  4. Imogen Aaryan says:

    Heis fab He is fresh He is hansam he is bloo

  5. Lyla and dilan says:

    He is strong he is flexible he is fantastic he is sooper

  6. Amelia and Ben says:

    sooqri flexabulhshcrog scairri

  7. Tianna lagan says:

    He has a helmet. He is strong he is soowpa he has a trap he has a hand dand

  8. Aiza Zaki says:


  9. Harry and Oliver E says:

    He is strong he is a superhero that is not terrible for a man who is a superhero
    He rescues people

  10. Sarrinah and Eliza says:

    He is strong he exert.He is kind.

  11. Catherine Mangnall says:

    Riley says he is cool!

  12. Ria patel says:

    Mrs Frimu I’ll answer if he doesn’t blog I will say that he
    should go to space and discover the world in space and
    do a bit of time with science!

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