Mr wolf’s pancakes

We have been reading Mr Wolf’s pancakes. We designed and made our own pancakes.

What would you like on your pancake?

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Amazing animals

Year 1 are learning about features of different animals.  This week we have been looking at fish and birds.  How many birds can you see on your way to school?

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Year one had a lot of fun learning about toys and life inVictorian times.  What was your favourite part?

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Traction Man

This week we are reading the story of Traction Man.

Can you describe Traction Man?

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Money, money, money

We’re learning all about money in Year one this week.  We have tried coin rubbings with wax crayons…Sorting the coins in real life and on the iPads.

Making money men by working out which coins to use.

Can you name the coins?  Can you describe them?  Can you order them?  Can you hide some for a friend?

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Beat the sharks

One of our maths targets this term is to know place value of teen numbers. This is a great game for helping us to learn that 10 and 7 is 17  or that 20 and 4 is 24. See if you can beat the shark. How many can you get right?

Can you beat your last score?

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pic collages

We have been learning to make pic collages to display our work.  Here are some we made of our friends and classroom.

What are your favourite things to do in year 1?

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Our material hunt

In science this term, we are naming and investigating common materials. This afternoon we went out on a material hunt.

Which materials are the most common? Which were the hardest to find?

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Welcome to Year 1

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