Car wash!

This afternoon Reception have been exploring bubbles, the children loved exploring the bubbles in the water and looking at the different patterns the bubbles made on the floor. The children then decided to have a car wash and clean our cars and bikes. We had lots of fun and now our cars are very clean! Excellent teamwork everyone!

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Name Writing

This week we have been writing our names in lots of different ways. We wrote them in glitter, we used magnets to make them and we used collage materials to collage the first letters of our names. We have had lots of fun making our names in all the different ways.

Can you practise writing your name at home?

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Beautiful Butterflies

This week we have been very lucky, we have had lots of beautiful butterflies in our outdoor area. We counted 10 butterflies on the flowers. We loved looking at the patterns on their wings.

We decided we wanted to draw the patterns on our own butterflies. Here is Abigail working hard to create her butterfly. She looked closely at the pictures of the butterflies we had taken and had a go at putting the patterns on her own.


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Interactive Fun!

Today we have been working on the interactive board. This morning we were playing a number game. We had to count how many sea creatures we could see and then choose the matching number. Here are Mack and Yusuf counting carefully!

This afternoon we have been playing a listening game. We had to listen to the sound and guess which object made the sound. There were lots of different sounds…cows, water, doorbells and fireworks! Here are Henry and Ismaeel having a go.

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Welcome to Reception!

Reception have settled into school really well. We have been enjoying lots of different activities in the classroom and getting used to the new routines of school. Here we are enjoying lots of different activities.

Look at all the exciting learning we have already been doing. Next week we are going to be making our self-portraits as part of our ‘What makes me…me?’ topic. We look forward to sharing these with you on our blog.


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Welcome to Reception’s Blog

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