Kandinsky Circles

This week as part of our colour and light topic, we have been looking at the artist Kandinsky. We focused on his circles painting. We loved the shapes and colours, we have had a go at making our own Kandinsky circles in lots of different ways.

Poppy and Hope loved using the shaving foam paint to create their own colourful circles.

We used our funky fingers to draw round and cut out circles to create our own Kandinsky pictures.

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Forest School Fun

Reception had lots of fun down in the woods! We tried lots of different activities… pumpkin carving, broomstick making, den building and we made pine cone spiders. We loved our outdoor learning, here are a few examples of our forest School fun.

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Happy Diwali

Reception would like to wish everyone a very Happy Diwali! Today we have been learning all about the festival of light. We learnt how the festival is celebrated. We watched a video of Jessica and her family getting ready for and celebrating Diwali. We then had lots of fun making our own Rangoli patterns, creating mehndi patterns using paint, making Diwali cards, exploring the Diwali sensory tray and making our very own diva lamps.

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Autumn Soup

As part of our Autumn learning this week we made Autumn soup in Maths. We had to listen to instructions and follow the Autumn soup recipe very carefully. Here is an example of an Autumn soup recipe…

We worked together in groups to listen carefully to Miss Alexander’s instructions. We took turns to accurately count the ingredients and add them to our soup. We were excellent at counting and all our soup smelled delicious!

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Leaf Man

This week Reception have been learning about Autumn. As part of our learning we shared the story Leaf Man. First we went on an Autumn walk. We used our sense of hearing and touch to listen to the leaves rustling and to feel the different sticks and seeds we found.

After our walk we recapped the Leaf Man story… ‘A Leaf Man goes where the wind blows!’ We thought about the different characters in the story, all of which were made from Autumn leaves. Can you remember one of the characters in the story? We then made our own Leaf Man puppets and used them to retell the story in our outdoor area.

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Rainbow magic

Today we have been exploring colour. We have been making rainbows using tissue paper and water. First we had to put the tissue paper inside the rainbow, then we used pipettes to slowly drop water onto the rainbow. We noticed that the water was like glue, it stuck the tissue paper onto the rainbow. After a while, we noticed the colours on the rainbow had started to run and dye the water. It was like magic! Some of us even got coloured fingers as well.

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Wonderful Book Fair

This morning Reception have been in the book fair, we loved looking at the books and sharing the stories with our friends and parents.

Here we are looking at the different books. What is your favourite story?

Ruby loved sharing a story with her mummy!

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Reception would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to share the Macmillan coffee morning with us! We loved eating cake and sharing this really special event with our families! What a super morning!

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Car wash!

This afternoon Reception have been exploring bubbles, the children loved exploring the bubbles in the water and looking at the different patterns the bubbles made on the floor. The children then decided to have a car wash and clean our cars and bikes. We had lots of fun and now our cars are very clean! Excellent teamwork everyone!

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Name Writing

This week we have been writing our names in lots of different ways. We wrote them in glitter, we used magnets to make them and we used collage materials to collage the first letters of our names. We have had lots of fun making our names in all the different ways.

Can you practise writing your name at home?

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