Camp fire fun!

Tonight we had our first camp fire at Eco-club! We all learnt how to stay safe around the fire and then had loads of fun toasting marshmallows and making s’mores with chocolate biscuits! Yum yum!image image image image


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Bye bye Crumble!! 🐤

We bid a fond farewell to our little Crumble today. He’s taken up residence on Ladybridge High School’s farm, he looked very happy in his new home when I said goodbye. If you visit the farm ask Steve if you can say hello to him. Goodbye Crumble, enjoy your new home! image image

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Who would like to help?

Anyone pupil who would like to help us with our gorgeous animals please leave your name as a reply to this blog. You would be helping with cleaning out, collecting eggs, feeding and walking the goats at playtimes and lunchtimes. It’s lots of fun, if there are lots of names I will make sure everyone gets a turnimage.SAM_3110

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Lily, Hannah, Angel, Marina and Beth helped me exercise the goats at lunchtime today. We took them for a lovely walk in the woods and we had a run across the field. Thanks girls, they really enjoyed it!

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And then there were 6!

I am very proud to announce that 6 chicks have hatched and are all tweeting happily! I’ll be bringing them in to meet you all this week!


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Tweet, tweet, tweet!

3 more eggs have a little pip in them this morning so hopefully we’ll have more chicks at some time today!! It’s all very egg-citing!image

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Happy Hatchday!!

At last they are here! Yesterday 2 of our chicks had hatched and this morning when we went back to check there was another fluffy bundle!

Just before we left we had one last check and were lucky enough to see another chick hatch while we were watching! It was very exciting.

Here are some of the pictures we have taken, they all need names now so get your thinking caps on.

image image image image image


Did did you know you can hear the chicks cheeping inside the eggs before they hatch?

Hatching out of an egg is very hard work for a chick, it can take 24 hours.

I’ll keep you posted with hatch news!


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Goat adventures!

image image image After feeding the goats and chickens this morning we took Evie and Marvin for an adventure in the woods! They had a great time and stopped along the way for a snack or two. When we got back we treated them to some willow, their favourite food!!

Let me know if you would like to help me take our gorgeous goats for a walk.

We also checked on the broody hens and they were sitting happily on their eggs, they should hatch around 5th June! I’ll keep you posted with pictures and updates.

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Cleaning Day!,

Today some of our Year 6 pupils helped us give the animals a BIG clean out! It’s really important and they did a great job!

Evie and Marvin really appreciate their hard work!



Evie and Marvin went for a walk with Ben and Ben while the rest of us spruced up their house, they love to get out and about.


Can you tell me where Pygmy goats come from?

The chickens weren’t left out either; Madeline, Molly and Georgia were moved into new accommodation today. This is so the chicks will be safe when they hatch!


How many eggs can you count in the nest?

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Looks like a fun day out!!

I found this today and thought I would share it with you, it looks like fun!!

I have taken this from an e mail that was sent to me;


Open Farm Sunday Family Fun Day 2015!

 Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic national initiative to celebrate British farming and food, and also promises to be a fantastic day out for the entire family!

Entry is £1 (Children under 5 free) and proceeds will go to charity.

 Come and join us for:

  • Sheep dog demonstrations
  • The Gruffalo and Punch & Judy puppet shows
  • Cookery and craft demonstrations
  • Food and craft stalls
  • Bouncy castle, face painting and children’s activites
  • Hog roast, cakes and ice cream
  • Fully licensed bar
  • Live entertainment and music


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