Macmillan coffee day

We are having a fantastic day raising money for cancer research. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our parents and carers with their donations and fantastic cakes. Thank you so much for making today a great success.


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7 Responses to Macmillan coffee day

  1. 032wyreh says:

    I love raising money for all types of charities it’s really fun and I feel like a really good person.
    Amelia Collard Y6

  2. 032wyreh says:

    I really like raising money for all sorts of charities and it is really kind for the people who are suffering from stuff like this but that we can help them.❤️.
    Laura bowker Y6

  3. 032wyreh says:

    I like raising money for charities because I like helping them.
    Nikita Year 6

  4. 032wyreh says:

    The cake sale was really successful we sold lots of cakes. The cakes were so yummy


  5. 0322011mh says:

    Helping giving out cakes was really fun and seeing our parent and enjoying cake!

  6. Rihanna says:

    i know it was in September but just looking back we got the best cakes and we got to take things home if we gave a donation. We got to help parents me Fajar and Shahrad had a challenge to see who could get the most rubbish of the floor and from parents as well as children.

  7. Emma,Olivia,kaira,Amelia,Aicha. says:

    We havd lots of fun baking and eating theses yummy cakes

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