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Welcome to Lostock Primary School’s blog! Our new blog will be updated regularly with information about school events, examples of children’s learning and also additional work and support for children at home.

Our class blogs provide our children with a real audience and purpose for writing. Please feel free to comment and give us feedback on any of our posts. Your comments will be monitored before going live and then will  be shared with the children.


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Enterprise Week!

What an amazing day to celebrate the end of our Enterprise Week! All the stalls were great and we really enjoyed learning about business!!!

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Careers Day

We were very lucky to have two visitors as part of our careers day. They explained all about their careers and answered all our interesting questions. Years 5 and 6 really enjoyed learning all about their different jobs and particularly enjoyed the amazing performance by Rob!

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Lostock World Cup ks2 quarter finals, semi finals and finals!

We had a great quarter final, all four games were amazing!

Everyone played fair most of the time, but the teams that got through were: Morocco, France, Nigeria and Uruguay! P.S the first four pictures are the quarter finals.

The semi final was astounding! Both two games were sensational!

After the games the, teams did penalties.

The two teams that went into the finals were: France and Uruguay! P.S the second four pictures are the semi finals.

The Final was absolutely incredible!

Everyone had sportsmanship, courage and the hope that there team would win.

The final score was 3-3 so there was a sudden death. But the winning team was: Uruguay! P.S the last four pictures were the finals.

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Road Safety

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Bolton School Football Tournament

What an incredible tournament last night at Bolton School! An amazing 2nd place out of 30 schools! Each and every one of you who played should be extremely proud of yourselves! It was a nail biting experience for all but everyone, including staff and parents, is incredibly proud that we made it to the final again!!! Go Lostock!

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Cross Country 2018

A massive well done to our cross country team! We were overall winners with our combined scores! I am proud of you all! An extra well done to the year 4 girls, who came 3rd in their age group and won the bronze medal! I can’t wait to start competing again in September! Keep running!

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What did you learn from our science investigation this week?

How does blubber work?

What is the scientific word we found out about?

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A tiger in a tropical storm (surprised!)

We are looking at the work of French artist Henri Rousseau.  This is one of our favourite paintings from the lesson today.  Can you remember what we talked about? What do you like /dislike about this paining? What do you think inspired Rousseau’s work?

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Spotty cake competition

A huge well done to all our winners today!

Thank you so much for all of the hard work that has gone in to make this day very special. A truly worthy cause #childreninneed

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Children in Need 2017

We have had the most amazing day, raising money for such a worthy cause. Thank you so much for your generous donations and your fantastic outfits. As always, Lostock has done Children in Need in style!

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